Amazonia Expeditions

Establecido 1981
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Our Mission

Amazonia Expeditions is more than just a tourism business. We aspire to offer the best tourism program in the Amazon basin as part of our greater mission to conserve the most biodiverse site yet studied by biologists, in collaboration with the nearby indigenous community. By traveling with us you help us to fund the goals of our mission

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Providing a high quality experience to our guests
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Conservation and Observation of the Environment
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Supporting the Local Community and our Team Members
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Promoting Scientific Education and Investigations

Our Guides

Amazonia Expeditions was the first tourism company in Iquitos to provide equal opportunity to men and women in training and employment. We continue to provide opportunity to all, regardless of ethnicity, belief or sexual orientation. The high morale and dedicated work ethic that people note among our staff is a result of the owners’ commitment to have a respectful, pleasant, professional and productive working environment for the staff.

Nixon Irarica Tello

Head Guide

Manuel Huayllahua

Jungle Survival Guide

Melisa Lima Sangama

Head Guide

Nelly Priscilla Pinedo Alvarado

Head Guide

Claudio Huayllahua Sánchez

Head Guide

Adrian Gomez Villacorta

Head Guide

Andy Bicerra

Staff Biologist

Javier Anibal Alván Arévalo

Head Guide

Rafael Campos Sinti

Head Guide


Staff Biologist


Head Guide


Head Guide

Our History

Almost forty years ago, a young Dr. Paul Beaver was conducting zoological field research when he learned from the natives about the incredible biodiversity in the upper Tahuayo River basin. His expeditions through the rainforest eventually led to the creation of Amazonia Expeditions a pioneer adventure travel company in the region.

Meet the Owners

The owners of Amazonia Expedition and the Tahuayo lodges have deep roots in the Iquitos region of the Amazon rainforest, with broad knowledge and appreciation of both the local culture as well as the biological attributes of the upper Amazon basin.

Dolly Beaver

Owner of the Tahuayo Lodge & Founder of Angels of the Amazon

Paul Beaver

Founder of Amazonia Expeditions

Charity Work

Amazonia Expeditions has long provided aid to reciprocate the kindness, conservation ethic and assistance provided to us by the indigenous people of the Tahuayo River. To this end, Amazonia’s director Dolly Arevalo Beaver incorporated a non-profit organization, Angels of the Amazon (AOA), recognized by the (US) IRS as a legal non-profit. AOA has managed to raise funds to provide substantial support for the local communities. The aid provided can be categorized into three major spheres: medical and health care, educational assistance and economic programs.
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