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Our primary goal is simple… get more donors on the registry!

Please join our cause, by becoming a donor, or donating your resources. Watch our video series to learn more about everything from the caregiver experience, to what the donor process is like!

About Us

While we work to add as many donors to the stem-cell/bone marrow registry as possible, we are working hard to bring more minority candidates to the list. With the diversity of patients looking for donor matches, it is important to increase the list of potential matches in our ethnically diverse populations. 

Our Mission & Vision

Growing the Registry in Size and Diversity

Make IT Happen USA was founded by Christina Schnese, a half-caucasian and half-Hispanic recipient of a stem cell transplant after she learning how difficult it was for mixed heritage individuals with blood cancer to find donor matches.

Along with her husband, Ryan Urbanski, she is working to boost minority registrations and to provide support to blood and bone marrow transplant patients and their families.

Our Story

This is the story of AML Leukemia survivor, Christina, and her stem cell donor Dianne

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The Caregiver Experience

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