Serving the Creative Community of Worcester

Give yourself the workspace, tools, and community you need to achieve your creative project goals. Whether you are a beginner looking for educational support or an experienced artisan looking for the tools and space you need to thrive, Technocopia is ready to support you today!

Join Us Every Thursday For Free At Our Open Hacks

Open Hacks are a free, open house event where members (and non-members!) can come to the space to work on their projects alongside other people working on projects.

Worcester’s Downtown Makerspace

Celebrating a wide range of technology, culture, craft, and education. Our 12,000-square-foot facility offers common work space, rental bays, educational workshops for adults and youth, and a variety of shared tools and machine shops.

Open Hacks

Get a taste of the Technocopia experience by sitting in on our Open Hack nights, where our community gets together to work on projects side by side.

Tool Training

Before you can get started working on your own projects using Technocopia’s tools, get training under your belt with the help of our stewards!


If you’re ready to join Technocopia as a member, click to learn more about rates, family plans, and rental space options before you get started.

Check out Technocopia’s Facilities and Tools Selection

Technocopia is a non-profit makerspace located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Our 12,000 sq. ft. facility offers common work space, rental bays, and a variety of tools for artisans to create and work with. We also host training classes and workshops which make use of our shared work areas including: a complete wood shop, metal shop, 3d printer station, electronics bay, textile studio, glass flameworking shop, classroom, design studio, and our CNC router and laser cutter shop!

Help Support Worcester’s Maker Community

Technocopia is a non-profit makerspace in Worcester that depends on members and donations to maintain equipment, make upgrades to the space, and take care of administrative costs.

You can donate below, or if you are already a member, you can talk to Makerspace representatives or stewards to discuss volunteer options to help support the space. 

Ready To Learn?

Take your education into your hands to find strategies and tools to grow your business with

Studio Highlight – The Woodshop

Studio Highlight – The Woodshop

Take a look at Technocopia’s Woodshop, complete with a hand tools work area, as well as spaces with more complex machinery. The shop has a circular saw, band saw, drill press, CNC machine, and more.

How To Use EVA Foam for Beginners

How To Use EVA Foam for Beginners

If you’ve wanted to use EVA foam for costuming projects, this is your one-stop shop for resources and information on what materials to buy, and how to make a durable and well finished project

Maker Highlight – Jane Doe

Maker Highlight – Jane Doe

Maker Jane Doe works hard at Technocopia 3 times a week working on wood working projects. We talked with them today regarding 4 projects that they are currently working on right now at the makerspace, 2 of which are artistic and 2 of which are functional.