Canine Services

Full Groom

The whole package deal for your pup- ask about nail trimming versus nail grinding!

The FFS Package

Includes all of the above services but the clipping will only include the face, feet and sanitary areas.

Bath & Brush

This service includes bath, hand drying, nail clipping/grinding and ear cleaning along with a deep brush out.

Anal Glands

A sanitary wash follows expressing the anal glands. 

Ear Cleaning

This can be done as a stand alone service, but is always included in any grooming bath package.

Feline Services

The Kitty Clean-Up

Ahead of the Pack offers a complete selection of feline grooming services to meet your needs.

Options include: Bath, nail trimming, sanitary trim, ear cleaning and various lion clips.

In order to minimize stress, we book feline appointments either first or last in the day to ensure there are no dogs in the grooming salon at the time of your cat’s grooming.