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Join us in the Amazon Rainforest to enjoy an unforgettable adventure. Select the icons below to learn more about how Amazonia Adventures work, and how they are unique from other ecotourism lodges!

You Choose The Date

We Help Schedule Your Trip

Your Guide Suggests Daily Activities

During your stay in our lodges, you will have a wide range of activities to choose from. Some activities may be unavailable for that day due to weather conditions, season or other logistical concerns. Here are some of the favorite options for activities with Amazonia.

Canopy Experience
Nature Photography
Pink Dolphins
Jungle Survival
Lake Swimming
Forest Canoeing
Primate Search

Snake Search

Piranha Fishing
Night Hike

Insect Discovery

Frog Experience
Sunrise Expedition

Sample Itineraries

While any activities are available to you during your trip outside of logistical issues, you may want assistance with crafting the perfect trip. Select the option that applies most to you in order to view a sample itinerary. Amazonia can accommodate any group from a few friends, families, up to large school groups of up to 25 guests. There are several options specifically for groups, and experiences can be tailored to young or old travelers.

Grupo pequeño

Viaje familiar

Grupo organizado

Grupo Escolar


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Cost & Trip Length

Amazonia Expeditions is open all year round, which allows for you to come whenever you’d like and stay for however long you want. The cost of some sample itineraries can be found below. No single supplement is charged for solo travelers, but families or groups may qualify for a discount.

Customize your stay from 3 days to several months to fit your plans and needs. We recommend at least 8 days for you to have the most options for your adventure, but feel free to choose the number of days or request the customized itinerary you desire.